Welcome in our website - Driving School operating with ACI and ASSO CRAL

Welcome in our website - Driving School operating with ACI and ASSO CRAL - GUIDA SICURA SUPERCAR

GUIDA SICURA SUPERCAR arranges SAFE DRIVING and SPORT DRIVING courses for private entities and incentive events and Team Building planned on purpose for Companies and their Clients. With reference to the kind of car you want to try and the results you want to reach, GUIDA SICURA SUPERCAR is able to offer you emotions and adrenaline joined to a useful driving experience.


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OUR MISSION: GUIDA SICURA SUPERCAR promotes the culture of Safety on the Road. Our purpose is to provide means and techniques to increase the attention and the concentration during the driving activity, to protect your Life by learning to manage your car in emergency or danger situations. Our safe driving courses aim at providing consciousness about danger and at teaching how to react properly without giving up an amazing driving experience with the most wonderful cars!

Guida Sicura Supercar – member of FUDIC – Osservatorio Strade Sicure




partner of S&F – tactical operative driving – tactical operative shot – personal defense



Partner of Sport & Halth – Amateur Medical Sport Association 


Each of our Clients is a celebrity for us!







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To confirm, book or ask for information, please call 347.7913763 



23 Gennaio 2016   e   27 Febbraio 2016



BASIC COURSE & ADVANCED COURSE: 16/7; 17/7; 17/9 and many others dates agreed in accordance with your needs



For confirmation, information and booking please call 347.7913763


Dates and places of the events can be object of variations


Please take note of the CONTRACTUAL CONDITIONS and the CONDITIONS FOR THE EMPOYMENT OF THE SERVICE in the HOME PAGE which will be considered accepted and subscribed by the mere purchase and/or booking of the experience or the course. 






1. Ferrari or other Supercars driving experience by Guida Sicura Supercar, tracks and/or equipped squares.


2. For technical or organization problems, even not serious, the dates of the events, the services, the course, etc… and the location could be altered until 5 days before their occurrence, even when previously confirmed. In case of events and training courses, the dates and the locations can be altered until 2 hours before their occurrence for reasons such as the inaccessibility of the tracks or the buildings/locations because of inclement weather, climate changes and other weather factors. Under no circumstance will be contemplated a refund but there will only be a change of dates or experience/event and/or course.


2.1. The experiences, the events and the courses (both purchased directly and through intermediaries and couponing systems) can be experienced only within 6 months from the purchase. Exceptions and/or postponements will not be contemplated under any circumstance. Bookings can be postponed or cancelled only once with no fine from the users/clients until 48 before the event/course/experience booked. Even in case of an annulment and/or postponement until the 48 hours before the date of the event/experience/course booked, the experience and/or course or the event must be booked in order to benefit of them within 6 months from the purchase. The date of the payment will be considered in the case. Under no circumstance will be contemplated refunds. Exceptions and/or postponements are not accepted, for any reason.


2.2. In case of purchase of a coupon through external dealer (Groupon, Smartbox, Glamoo, Letsbonus, etc..) the coupon must be forwarded by email to: francesca@guidasupercar.it and info@guidasicurasupercar.it at the latest within the 5 pm of the last day of booking/validity. Coupon forwarded over the 5 pm of the last day (namely the last daily working our in the office of GUIDA SICURA SUPERCAR SRL) will not be considered. It is compulsory, after sending the coupon, to call the secretary to the number 347 7913763 and/or to the contact numbers at the bottom of these contractual conditions to notify the sending, the confirm and the will to book since will not considered valid coupon sent by email not correctly delivered for any reason. Over the 5 pm of the last available day, the sent coupon will no more considered valid or usable. Under any circumstance is contemplated refunds. Exceptions and/or postponements are not accepted for any reason.


3. In the event of serious causes and/or acts of God not related to the will and/or the organization of GuidaSicuraSupercar.it (such as technical malfunctioning), what stated above subdues an exception. Every event/course/experience can be object of changes, postponements, delays and sudden annulments. The dates and the location of the events can be altered even during their own progress, even in the same day of the course without taking account of the 5 days or the 2 hours mentioned above.


4. The driver will be always and in any case responsible of his/her activity and of the damages by him/her provoked, both from a civil and penal point of view.



5. The Experience or the Courses will take place even in case of inclement weather conditions and beating rain, except for situations of technical impracticability of the tracks or of the locations with reference to the courses and the experiences on snow or ice.


6. The exposition photos of the website could not match the real experience or the employed car that will be anyhow a supercar. For driving on ice courses will be otherwise employed normal hatchback with snow tires.



7. It is not possible to choose the car. Following the arrival order, you will drive the car of your turn. ALL THE TESTS ACCOMPLISHED IN THE ICE AUTODROME (usually those of Sauze di Cesana, Pragelato and La Thuile) will be accomplished with normal car, not Ferrari 


8. Refunds are not contemplated in any case, we just provide change of dates and of experiences/courses.


9. Before driving and/or benefiting of the services, of the advice and of the trade of the products and/or the services, each user must sign a specific consent form, even with regards to the privacy. Once you drive a car for the experience of the course, you have explicitly agreed to every contractual clause and you have provided free and boundless consent to the use of the photos and videos of the driver alone or with other people during the event for every advertising or publication purpose.  Once you drive the car for the experience or the course, you explicitly authorize the public exhibition of photos and the images which portray you in public and/or to issue the above photos and images on websites, fan pages, blogs, social networks and/or to publish them and/or to make them published both on internet and in print for self-promotion or technical explanation purposes on whatever data carrier and position. This is in force also with regards to the attending to contests, exhibitions, events involving a participation of an audience or initiatives available on internet. Therefore, the above photos and videos could be used to promote the activities of GUIDA SICURA SUPERCAR SRL and so could be shown to clients or screened/posted up in their own offices and/or during events, fairs and show of whatever typology.


10. With reference to the tutoring training course, as much as for every other course/activity accomplished with our organization, we specify that we NEVER give any job guarantee. We do not offer a job but courses. Any working opportunity could rise with reference to the evolution of the market, the society itself and the maturity of the tutor, besides the Team Building reached with the already existing working group, but this involves only the exclusive and incontestable discretion of the Guida Sicura Supercar Srl Society, with no guarantees. 


11. For every controversy relating to the interpretation, the fulfilment, the validity and the efficacy of this contract, will be compulsorily made a conciliation attempt by a certificated institution of the Italian Ministry of Justice, in the area of the head office of the renter. The above process of mediation will be subdued to dispositions of the Decree Law no. 28/2010 and the subsequent alterations and integrations.



11. RIGHT TO WITHDRAW: despite the event can be postponed with a new booking until 48 hours before it, the right to withdraw can be asserted within a max. of 14 days (holidays included) from the payment disposition of the experience or of the course provided that this term is preceding the date of the first booking. Even in the event of a postponement of the course for natural causes, serious weather events, accidents, unavailability or malfunctioning of the cars or for other acts of God, the reference date to assert the right to withdraw remains that of the first booking. The right to withdraw must be asserted by a registered letter that must be sent to the head office: GUIDA SUPERCAR SRL P.zza G da Fabriano, 15 00196 Roma – the reference date will be the date of the effective receiving of the letter.


12. With reference to the above contractual conditions, we specify once again that a refund is not contemplated at all for any reason and under no circumstance as much as will not be accepted exceptions or postponements to the above contractual conditions for any reason and under no circumstance.





In conformity with the Italian Decree Law 196/2003, we specify that the information conveyed in this document are informal, not checked and not guaranteed, for an exclusive use of the receiver and reserved for him/her, not suitable to be exhibited in the event of legal controversies and protected by professional secrecy. The diffusion and the non-authorized use of them are strictly forbidden by anyone else but the receivers. In case you receive this message by mistake, we invite you to destroy it and to communicate us the wrong receiving by an email. 




Cookies Policy

Hereby, with this document, in conformity with articles 13 and 122 of the Italian Decree Law 196/2003 (“privacy code”) and of the Privacy Authority’s measure of the 8th may 2014, we inform the users about the cookies’ policy employed by the website guidasicurasupercar.com. This disclosure is accessible from every point of the website through the link at the bottom of the web page, in conformity with the art. 122 subparagraph of the Decree Law 196/2003 and in reference to the simplified conditions for the disclosure and the acquisition of the consent for the use of the cookies published on the Italian Official Gazette n. 126 of the 3rd June 2014 and the relating to the measures’ register n.229 of the 8th may 2014.

In compliance with the European legislation, it is crucial that every user of the website understand what the cookies are and why are they employed, so that the users can decide with consciousness whether to accept their employment on their own devices. A cookie is a little text file including a univocal identification number which is then transferred from the website to your computer’s hard disk by means of an anonymous code able to identity the computer but not the user ant to passively monitor your activities on the website. The cookies may be classified in two categories according to their own functions: Technical Cookies (including performance cookies and functional cookies) and Profile Cookies (including those cookies related to advertising). This website employs technical cookies which do not require any consent. There are also third-party cookies, deriving from advertising banners. More precisely, the website employs: performance cookies, which collect information about how the users use the website, like every pages are the most visited and whether the users receive error messages from these pages.                                                                             

These cookies do not collect information identifying a specific user. Every information collected by these cookies is anonymous and employed for the exclusive purpose of improving the performance of the website. Advertising cookies: these services allow to employ the Users’ Data for business communication purposes in various advertising forms, such as the banners, even in relation to the users’ interests. This does not mean obviously that all Personal Data are employed for this purposes. Data and employment conditions are as follows. Some of the following services could employ Cookie to identify the User or to employ the technique of the behavioral retargeting, namely to display personalized advertisings with reference to the interest and the behavior of the User, detected also beyond this Application. To know something more about this, we suggest you to check the privacy policies of the different services. Google AdSense: the website suggests advertising offers handled by the platform Google AdSense, so it is important to know that: - the third-party suppliers, such as Google, employ cookie to post ads relating to the previous visits of the user on the website. – the employment of the DoubleClick cookie allows Google and its partners to post ads for the users relating to their visits on your websites and/or other websites. – the cookies belonging to other suppliers or third-party commercial nets could be used for the posting of ads. The User can decide in every moment not to use the DoubleClick Cookie and so to disconnect it: google.com/settings/ads/onweb/optout?hl=it. Collected personal data: Cookies and employment Data. Place of the processing: USA – Privacy Policy. Hereby, this website, in conformity with the current regulation, is not required to ask a consent for technical cookies since they are necessary in order to supply the required services. For every other kind of cookie, the consent can be expressed by who is surfing the website through the following manners:

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Conditions of the treatment

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Cookie Remintrex Managing - Easy Touchpoint Integration

Extended Cookie Disclosure available at this link: //www.guidasicurasupercar.it/1/legali_codice_etico_3966346.html

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When the user signs up and accepts the conditions of the promotion, he/she automatically accepts his/her own data being part of GUIDA SICURA SUPERCAR SRL files. So, after the signing up, the user accepts the policy of privacy protection. Below we report the mentioned policies.



(in conformity with the article 13 Decree Law 196/2003)

In conformity with the article 13 Italian Decree Law 196 of the 30th June 2003 (code about the protection of personal data), GUIDA SICURA SUPERCAR SRL informs you that the supplied personal data will be subdued to the treatment explained in the above mentioned disclosure, following the below standards:

1)     Purposes of the collection: the personal data supplied by you, will be processed and stored for the following purposes: accomplishment of the required activity, contests and operations with prizes; enrolment to users’ “communities” promoted on websites own or anyway connected to GUIDA SICURA SUPERCAR SRL; sending of information and advertising materials, sending of newsletter, other promotional and business communication operations, even by the employment of the email address, contractual and business partnerships, any other activity which the concerned party has joined taking account of the “ways to participate” mentioned above. In the event of contests organized by GUIDA SICURA SUPERCAR SRL, these contests involve the embodying of the data belonging to GUIDA SICURA SUPERCAR SRL’s Database. If the user does not approve his data to be included in this Database, he/she is invited not to enroll to the contests. Otherwise, provided the user does not communicate something different, his enrollment will imply the recording of his/her data in GUIDA SICURA SUPERCAR SRL Database and the explicit consent to the data treatment in order to receive advertising emails. If the user wants to withstand the inclusion of his data in the above mentioned Database, he/she must click on the proper section in the enrolment coupon.


2)     Conditions of the treatment and storage of the data. The data treatment will be accomplished with the tools and the conditions that will be considered suitable to protect the safety and the confidentiality of the personal data and might be accomplished both manually and both by electronic or automated means and it will involve all the operations contemplated by law and considered necessary to the treatment, including the communication to the entities mentioned in the following point.

In case of filled out coupon and information and services requirement, your data will be, in accordance with 196/2003 Decree Law, collected and processed for statistical studies and direct marketing activity, such as reception of commercial communication of third parties both by email and sms



3)     Some of the data might be processed through telematics nets, both with regard to local protected nets both with regard to the internet. With reference to the latter, the accomplished treatment will be subdued to the safety standards offered by the net. These data will be treated by operators of GUIDA SICURA SUPERCAR SRL and/or by operators of third societies entrusted by GUIDA SICURA SUPERCAR SRL, properly authorized to the treatment and the storage of the data and properly identified, directed and informed of the bonds imposed by the Italian Decree Law 196/2003.


4)     Kind of conferring: the conferring of personal data is optional but it might be necessary for the achievement of some of the purposes (managing of the contests and operations with prizes; activation of contractual and business partnerships, ecc.). The non-conferring of the compulsory data will not allow the payment.


5)     Communication of data: the personal data will not be communicated or divulgated to third parties, except for third-party societies that could be entrusted by GUIDA SUPERCAR SRL of the achievement of the purposes mentioned in point 1.


6)     Holder of the treatment: the holder of the personal data treatment is Francesco D’Alessandro c/o head office GUIDA SUPERCAR SRL in Rome, P.zza Gentile da Fabriano, 15 ZIP CODE 00196, legal pro tem representative.


7)     Rights of the concerned party: with reference to the personal data treatment, the concerned party has the faculty to assert the rights of the article 7 Italian Decree Law 196/2003, the text of whom is reported below. Art. 7 (right to access to the personal data and other rights)


The concerned party (by a mere email request at info@guidasicurasupercar.com) has the right to obtain the confirmation of the existence or of the non-existence of his/her own personal data, even whether not yet recorded, and their availability in an intelligible form.


The concerned party has the right to obtain information about: a. the source of the personal data; b. the aim and the conditions for the treatment of the data, c. the logic applied to the treatment accomplished by electronic means; d. the essential references of the holder, of the responsible people and of the representative person entrusted in conformity with article 5 subparagraph 2; the entities which could be involved in the data communication as representative entrusted in the area of the Country. The concerned party has also the right to obtain: the updating, the rectification and the integration of the data, b. the annulment, the anonymous transformation or the blocking of the treated data in case of a violation of the law, even for those data the storage of whom is not necessary with reference of the purposes for which they were collected; c. the certainty that the operations related to the letters a) and b) have been communicated to those who are aware of the personal data, except for the event of an impossibility in fulfilling this obligation.


The concerned party has the right to withstand, by an email communication at info@guidasicurasupercar.com, totally or just partly, for lawful reasons to the treatment of the personal data which involve him/her and are relevant for the purpose of their own collection; to the treatment of the personal data which involve him/her for the purpose of direct sale, sending of advertising material, market researches or business communication.


For further information concerning the conditions of the personal data treatment, the request of access, the changing or removing of the data, or to withstand their employment, please contact:


GUIDA SICURA SUPERCAR SRL head office Piazza Gentile da Fabriano, 15 00196 ROME

VAT NUMBER: 13250591008

Phone: +39. 347 7913763

Fax: +39 178.2240972

Email to: info@guidasicurasupercar.it




Francesco D'Alessandro


@: info@guidasicurasupercar.it

M: +39 333. 300.800.6

P: +39 347. 7913763

F: +39

W: www.guidasicurasupercar.it


Guida Sicura Supercar srl

Piazza Gentile da Fabriano, 15

00196 Rome

VAT NUMBER 13250591008


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